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Censtar D550 PCB电镀机

1. Maximum board surface: 300X280MM

2. Minimum aperture: 0.3mm

3. Maximum aspect ratio: 2.5:1

4. Output current: 0--15A

5. Working speed: 20---80mm/s

6. The machine comes with timing function and automatic constant temperature.

7. Working voltage 220V/50HZ

8. Dimensions L*W*H: 720*950*1020mm


D550 is mainly used to metallize the holes on the circuit board in the PCB physical rapid plate making process. Copper plating and tin plating are more commonly used for double-sided circuit boards (materials need to be ordered separately). This machine integrates various functions such as whole hole, copper plating, tin plating, etc. It has heating, air blasting and electroplating functions, and can achieve a 100% success rate of vias. The use of environmentally friendly PCB board making technology is more suitable for corporate research and development, colleges and universities and research institutes for teaching and research.


1. The pre-processing is integrated into the fuselage. The machine has its own black hole, micro-etching of the whole hole, electroplating and tin plating five slots, which is more convenient to operate. Greater reliability.

2. It adopts a new type of environmentally friendly black hole direct electroplating process, does not contain traditional chemical copper plating components, and eliminates formaldehyde and chemical substances that endanger the ecological environment. It is an environmentally friendly product.

3. The tank body is made of acid and alkali resistant materials. Not susceptible to corrosion.

4. The constant temperature device adopts titanium heating tube, which can automatically keep the temperature constant.

5. The working time and temperature of the tank body can be preset.

6. Fool-style operation, high degree of automation, the conduction rate of vias can reach 100%.

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