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Censtar HS08 PCB冲孔机

1. Punching diameter: Φ1-Φ5mm (standard) (customized can be larger)

2. Display: 8-inch LCD monitor

3. Diameter of identification circle: Φ1-Φ5mm (with "cross circle" Peugeot double circle diagram)

4. Working air pressure: 0.4-0.7MPa

5. Punching error: ≤±0.008mm

6. Power consumption: 0.4kw

7. Voltage AC220V-240V

8. Dimensions: 1250×770MM (length×width×height)

9. Net weight: 198kg

10. Image processing: binarized comprehensive image processing method. It can print unclear, special printing materials, mirror materials such as reflection


It is suitable for positioning hole processing in electronics, signage, packaging, printing and other industries. Automatic punching of positioning holes on the surface of PVC, PET film, polyester film, thin aluminum, etc.


1. Referring to the production characteristics of circuit boards at home and abroad, it adopts a humanized overall design and is carefully designed with high technology.

2. Computer XP operating system, the stable core is the cornerstone of your long-term operation, humanized design, easy to operate, and free upgrade of the computer control system for life.

3. Fully automatic image recognition, automatic punching, color display with large window and target type display, do not hurt the eyes. It can effectively identify circles, rings, crosses, split rings, etc., and can ensure that the center remains unchanged when the target is incomplete or deformed.

4. When punching, press the presser foot on the equipment to flatten the punched film, and the punching is more accurate

5. The working mechanism adopts the combination of mechanical and pneumatic, and the punching force is greatly improved

6. The output can be automatically counted, saving labor

7. Marble work surface, never wear

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