Chauvin Arnoux BR41 pH玻璃电极, Ag/AgCl,S7插头 (BR41-S7)

Manufacturer: Chauvin Arnoux
Order no.: EV BR41-S7
Origin: France
Warranty: 12 months

pH range: 0-14
Shape of glass electrode: Spherical
Electrode body : PVC
Reference system: Ag/AgCl
Reference electrolyte: KCl 1 mol/L
Junction: Ceramic
Temperature sensor: No
Operating temperature: 0 to 80°C
Ø and length under cap (mm): 12 x 115
Cable length: 1 m
S7 connection (screw-on): BR41-S7
BNC connection: BR41-BNC
Recommended applications: General use. For use with a measuring electrode
such as the BV41A, BV41H or XV41H

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