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CHC lab XFL-MST-240 Vented Enclosure (Wall Type) 2.4m

Size (W×D×H, mm) :

+Outer:  2400×750×1520

+Inner:  2195×590×1255


+ Outer:        Steel Plate (Epoxy Powder Coated)

+ Inner: Phenolic Laminate

+ Sash:        Tempered Glass 5 mm

+  Frame Steel Pipe (Epoxy Powder Coated)

Types of Sashes:    Vertical sash (Option: Combination Sash)

Power Socket:   220V X 4EA (Left, Right 2EA each)

Lamp (LED):       30 W×2 EA

Controller: ON/OFF Switch

Earth Leakage Breaker:   Ceiling Voltage Distribution Box (Including Terminal Block & Earth Leakage Breaker) (option : Front Earth Leakage Breaker)

Exhaust Port: PVC Ø250 (option : PVC Ø300)

Power Consumption:    60W


 · Sash Safety Film

 · Frame

 · Blower


Designing an optimized fluid flow

For the safe discharge of contaminants in the fume hood, the fluid flow is optimized by designing the delicate internal structure using the CFD fluid program.

CHC Monitor

By applying an optimized self-developed monitoring system to the fume hood of CHC LAB, the wind speed of the fume hood is measured in real-time and the status is delivered to the user.

Emergency discharge system (CHC VAV Controller application options)

Through the Emergency Discharge function, it is possible to quickly discharge the internal air to the outside by increasing the discharge air volume in the event of an emergency, such as the generation of a large amount of harmful gas.

Safety Sash Stopper & Guard

By artificially stopping the sash at an appropriate height of 500mm, it prevents exposure to harmful substances due to sudden openings.

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