SYD-2806 沥青软化点测试仪

Technical specification:

1. It can make determination for two groups of parallel tests at the same time;

2. Asphalt circular mold is a hole like a reversed truncated cone:

(1) Height: 6.35 mm;

(2) Diameter of upper opening: Φ17.46 mm;

(3) Diameter of lower opening: Φ15.88 mm;

3. Steel ball:

(1) Diameter: Φ 9.35 mm;

(2) Weight: 3.5± 0.05 g;

4. The distance between the lower board and the bottom surface of mold is 25.4 mm;

5. The distance between the marked line of heating medium and the mold is 51 mm.

6. Heating container: It is a beaker of 800 ml; Its diameter is not less than Φ 90 mm, and its height is not less than 150 mm;

7. Thermometer: 30~180ºC; Each scale division is 0.5 ºC;



The instrument is designed and made as per the National Standard GB/T 4507 "Test Methods for Softening Point of Asphalt". It is used to determine the deformation of asphalt when heated.
Relative standards: ASTM D36, IP58;

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