Cometech M1F 控制器

  • 制造商: Cometech
    Model: M1F
    来源: Taiwan
    保障: 12 month
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    热线:   (+84) 966520220

    电话:  +84 (24) 62923267


Power force (DC): 5V and 12V (50W)

Control signal input: 

1.Two sets of input signal for selection:

One set of stress sensor: 4~20mA

One set of force sensor: 1.0mV/V、1.5 mV/V、2.0 mV/V、3 mV/V、4 mV/V

2.(Internal + External) Three sets of Encoder signal input

3. Input signal: upper limit, lower limit, emergency stop, goes up, go down, set aside two sets.

Expand D-Sub:  Input signal: 4 sets, output signal: 4 sets

Communication Interface

TCP/IP RJ45 Connecting Cable

Load cell Resolution:  31 bits

Load cell precision: 1/100,000

Encoder signal voltage: 5V

Encoder signal mode: Single- ended (Open Collector)、differential square wave(Line Driver)

Display panel: 7 inch of TFT Color touch panel

Language selection: Chinese, English, Japanese

Data assess: 

1.Can use USB to proceed with data access (can export test data to Excel for further data analysis)

2. Specified software is optional for data access

Data sampling rate: 2、5、10、25、50、100、400Hz

Interface function: 

1. Data Display: Force , Stress, Torque, Displacement, Time

2. Graph Display : Force, Displacement, Time, stress, strain

3. Data Analysis : maximum force, deformation percentage at maximum force point, stress at maximum force point, percentage of elongation at maximum force point, force at break point, deformation percentage at break point, stress at break point, interval average load, and so on.

4. Unit changeable (Metric system or imperial system)

Calibration setting: 

1. Calibrated parameter setting can be provided

2. Can be used on various capacity of load cell and no need re-calibration after replacement



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