Cometech QC-206EX 数字硬度计

Preload: 10kgf

Test load: 60-100-150 Rockwell(588-980-1471)N; 62.5-125-187.5 Brinell(612-1225-1839)N; 10-60 Vickers (98.07-588)N

Working: Rockwell traditional-electronic control 

Feasible Tests: Rockwell-brinell+ Vickers

Reading: 12 scale Rockwell,Brinell+R kg/cm2

Reading Resolution: 0.1 HR

Height capacity: 215mm

Depth capacity: 190mm

Diameter of column: 60mm

Diameter of Anvil: 60mm

Max load of test piece: 1000kg

Data output: RS 232 C

Data selection transmission: OK, Hard, Soft

Power supply: 220V 50/60Hz 200VA

Field of aplication: for all metals,steel,hard steel,cast iron,bronze,aluminum over 0.6mm, plastics,soft and hard rubber

Net weight: 65kg

Packing weight: 85KG

Packimg dimension: 37X60X102cm



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