Cometech QC-639F 电子式冲击试验机 (1J,2.75J、5.5J、11J、22J (optional))

IZOD type (ISO-13802)  

1.Capacity:1J,2.75J、5.5J、11J、22J (or appoint)

2.Impact velocity:3.5 m/sec±10%

3.Radius of striker edge:0.8±0.2mm

4.Location of striking edge above tope face of support:22±0.2mm

IZOD type (ISO-13802)

5.Optional force grip: to change the clmap force

6.Specimen width:10mm or 12.7mm

7.Specimen thickness:3 ~ 12.7mm

Charpy type(ISO-13802)    

1.Capacity:0.5J、1J、5J( or appoint)

2.Impact velocity:2.9m/sec±10%

3.Radius of striker edge:2±0.5mm

4.Radius of curvature of supports:1±0.1mm

5.Position of midplane between supports:± 0.5mm

Charpy type(ISO-13802)    

6.Specimen length:50 ~ 160 mm(span adjustable)


1.Energy loss:< 2.5%

2.Minimum display angle:0.05 angle

3.Digital controller: calculate impact energy, impact angle automatically

4.Calculate the impact stress by specimen size


6.With fix position device

7.With protection cover and protection lock

8.Manual or automatic (switchable)

9.Impact angle: 150°


10.Noncontact sensor: reduce the effect of friction.

11.Size:88 × 36 × 93 cm


13.Power:single phase, 100-240V

14.Optional accessories: software for saving and analysing data.



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