Cometech QC-652S 熔体流动指数测试仪

Counter weight: Stainless steel 1100g、2060g、3700g、4900g(optional)

Use temperature: 50~360℃

Test Temperature, T: Maximum allowable deviation from required test temperature.At (10±1) mm above the top surface of the standard die: 125 ≦ T <250 ±1℃; 250 ≦ T <300 ±1℃; 300 ≦ T ±1℃

Counter accuracy: ±0.01

Piston push rod weight: 100g

Automatic cut: Interval time 1-300 seconds can be set

Heater size: 9.55±0.01mm

Hole mold: 2.095±0.005mm

Weight: 30 kg

Dimension: 29x51x46cm

Accessories: Cleaning brush、measuring cups、funnel and Die calibration plug gauge

Optional: High MI value material block mechanism, MVR test mechanism.



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