Cometech QC-657B 电动式卫氏软化试验机

Temperature: Room temperature - 300℃

Temperature Control: 2℃ increase per minute 

Weight: Weight support 3 N.

Each station has the following weights: 0.1N×1, 0.2N×2, 0.5N×1, 1N×1, 2N×2, 5N×1, 10N×1

Deflection Reading: 0.001~3.000 mm

Flexion Span: 100 mm (max), 50mm (adjustable)

Specimen Support’s Surface: R=3.0 mm 

Specimen Dimension:

ASTM L=5”(127 mm), d=1/2 ”(12.7 mm), b=1/4”( 6.35 mm)

ISO edge wise L=120mm, d=10mm, b=4mm

ISO flat wise L=80mm, d=10mm, b=4mm

※Specimen deviation should be±0.1 mm


1. 7” colored touch screen that shows multiple test data

2. All of the data is completely recorded and the data can be converted to graph.

3. User-friendly operation that guides users step by step.

4. Jigs can be replaced for Vicat test

Cooling Method: Water cooling

Test Stations: 3 stations

Power: Sigle Phase 220VAC

Dimension: 85 X 48 X 54 cm



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