Cometech QC-661 电动式衛氏软化试验机

Temperature: Room temperature up to 300℃

Temperature Control: 50℃ increase per minute (adjustable)

Weight: Method A: 1 Kg, Method B: 5 Kg

Deflection Reading: 0.001~3.000 mm

Specimen preparation: 

At least two flat, smooth, parallel specimens with thickness 3 to 6.5mm and area 10 x 10 mm or Ø10mm mm2 are needed.

If the specimen is thicker than 6mm, reduce it by half on one side and keep the other side unchanged.

If the thickness is below 2.5 mm, stack the specimen with less than 3 other materials and make the combination at least 3 mm thick.


1. 7” colored touch screen that shows multiple test data

2. Load data is completely recorded and data exportable to Excel. 3. User-friendly operation and illustration-guided interface

4. Jigs are replaceable

Temperature control: Water cooling circulation

Cooling Method: Water cooling (optional)

Stations: 6 stations

Oil bath capacity: 25 liters

Tester Dimension: 48 × 110 × 125 cm

Tester weight: 230 kg (empty), 250 kg (with oil)



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