Copper Mountain Planar R140 矢量反射仪(85 MHz - 14 GHz(S11))

The size of a deck of cards, the USB-powered Planar R140 VNA is a 1-port VNA capable of measuring S11 from 85 MHz to 14 GHz and designed for use with with any Windows PC or laptop. Its compact form factor oftentimes enabled direct connection to the device under test, eliminating uncertainty associated with a test cable prone to flexure and damage. The free, lightweight VNA application connects to the R140 with a standard USB cable, creating a future-proof solution that significantly enhances ease of use compared with conventional instruments.

The R140 provides a wide variety of analysis capabilities, including time-domain with gating and DTF measurements at no additional cost. Collection of metrology-grade S-parameter test results can be achieved manually or through automation in Python, MATLAB, Excel, C++, VB.NET, or LabVIEW.

  • Frequency range: 85 MHz to 14 GHz
  • Measured parameters: S11 as Log magnitude, DTF, Smith, and more
  • Sweep types: Linear frequency, log frequency, segment
  • Effective directivity: 45 dB below 4.8 GHz; 36 dB up to 14 GHz
  • Measurement speed: 200 µs per point
  • Output power setting: High or Low
  • Up to 100,001 measurement points per sweep

Applications of the R140 include antenna matching, cable and connector quality control, antenna production quality assurance, field testing and troubleshooting of cables, material measurements, and many others. Curious to see what other users think of this device?

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