DaiHan ThermoStable™ IS-10 Precise Shaking Incubator (60℃, ±0.2℃, 250 rpm)

Temp.Range: R/T +5°C~60°C

Temp.Accuracy & Uniformity: Accuracy: ±0.2°C at 37°C, Uniformity: ±0.5°C at 37°C

Temp.Sensor: PT100 Sensor

Capacity: 229 L

Heater: 800 W

Refrigerant: CFC-Free(R-404A) Refrigeration System

Shaking Speed & Stroke: 30~250 rpm, 25mm Orbital Motion

Timer & Alarm: 99hr 59min (with delay/Continuous run.), Error status & Timer-end

Controller: Digital Fuzzy Controller with Jog-Shuttle Switch (Turn + Push)

Room Lamp: Krypton Lamp, 60W

Platform(Included): Universal Platform for Various Shapes & Sizes of Flasks

Safety: Over Temp./Current Protector, Leakage Breaker, Sensor Error Detector

Material: Internal: Stainless-steel(#304), External: Powder Coated-steel

Dimension(w x d xh):

+ Internal(mm): 750 x 720 x h400

+ External(mm): 1065 x 900 x h980

Packing size (mm) & Gross Weight: 1220 x 1060 x 1200, 231 kg

Power Consumption: 800 W

Electrical Reqts: 1 Phase, AC 230 V, 50/60 Hz

Optional Spring Rack Platform/Recorder/Stainless-steel Flask Holder(with Spring Ring):

DH.WIS504610 (1) Spare Universal Platform, w688 x h648mm, "SP610". Flask Holder Capacity ; 68ea for 50~100ml Flask, 36ea for 200~300ml Flask, 21 ea for 500-1000ml Flask

DH.WIS600100 (2) STS Wire Spring Flask Holder, for 100ml Flask, "FHS100"

DH.WIS600250 (3) STS Wire Spring Flask Holder, for 250ml Flask, "FHS250"

DH.WIS600500 (4) STS Wire Spring Flask Holder, for 500ml Flask, "FHS500"

DH.WIS601000 (5) STS Wire Spring Flask Holder, for 1000ml Flask, "FHS1000"

DH.WIS504510 (6) Universal Spring Rack, w693 x d653 x h135mm, "SR510"

DH.WTH05100 (7) Temperature Recorder, with 6ea Ribbon Cassette & Chart Paper LED, 6ch/10sec, 144 x 144 x h233mm, "WTH5105"

DH.WTH05108 Ribbon Cassette, 6 Colors, "WTH5108"

DH.WTH05105 Chart Paper, khổ w100mm x L10m, 33 Days, "WTH5105"



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