DTE UPU-20 绝缘测试仪 (20kV)

Output voltage type: AC/DC     
Max output voltage, kV 20
Max output current, mA 100               
Possible limits of output voltage settings, kV 1; 3; 20       
Output current measuring range, mA 0-100           
Current that triggers overcurrent protection, mA 102               
Supply voltage 220V +/- 22V; 50 (60) Hz
Current and voltage measurement error, % 3(of full reading)
Power consumption, VA 1000
Continuous operating time under full load, hours  8
Net weight of control unit, kg 15
Net weight of high-voltage unit, kg 35
Dimensions of control unit, mm 320x200x335
Dimensions of high voltage unit, mm 315x290x510



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