DILLON Quick-check 张力计 (AWT05-508112, 1000kg, Dùng cho Viettel))

-Tension capacities: 
2000 lb/10 kN/1000 kg
Wire sizes: 3/16inch through 1 inch
-Accuracy: +3% instrument capacity (calibrated to specific wire size & type 
+5% with same wire diameter as calibrated but different wire type)
-Loading error: Cable elongation of only 0.08 inch (2mm)
-Display:Dot-graphic LCD display supports full text and 1 inch high digits. 
-Sheave range:Set accommodates rated wire size and 1/2” smaller. Multiple sheave 
sets may be used.
-Suggested wire calibrations:  Calibrate each wire diameter needed with the 
most appropriate sheaves. If two wire types are used of the same diameter (e.g. 
½” 1x7 and ½” 6x19), calibrate each type independently if accuracy is critical. 
-Environment protection: Suitable for continued outdoor use.
Operating range: -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)
-Tension units of measure: pound-force, kilogram force, Newtons
-Resolution: configurable low/med/high 
-Recalibration:At user discretion. Commonly 24 months but should be more frequently with heavy use. Factory 
recalibrations conducted typically in 2-4 days. On-site recalibration may be 
possible through your Dillon distributor.
-Size: 10 x 23 x 3 inch (25 x 59 x 8 cm)
-Weight:Approx 11 lb (5 kg)

Include: meter,  First wire calibration, Manual, first set of sheaves S




wire size chart calibration

Chọn mua thêm

- Bộ dòng dọc  L cho kích thước dây  3/16" - 1/4" (4.75 mm - 6.5 mm): 36309-0085  giá 5,305,125 VNĐ
- Bộ dòng dọc P cho kích thước dây 3/16" - 1/2" (4.75 mm - 12.7 mm): 36309-0044 giá 5,305,125 VNĐ
- Bộ dòng dọc  S cho kích thước dây  1/4" - 3/4" ( 6.5 mm - 19 mm): 36309-0010 giá 5,305,125 VNĐ
- Bộ dòng dọc T cho kích thước dây 1/2" - 1" (12.7 mm - 25.4 mm): 36309-0101 giá 5,305,125 VNĐ
- Thêm hiệu chuẩn cho mỗi một kích thước dây (tối đa 15 kích thước) giá 2,483,250 VNĐ
- Thước đo cáp: AWT20-508267 Giá 564,375 VNĐ


This revolutionary new cable tension meter was engineered and designed with intent - be robust yet easy to use! The Dillon Quick-Check can be installed, take a cable tension measurement and be uninstalled in under 5 seconds! Its versatile design allows it to be used in a variety of applications and on a variety of wire rope diameters and strand types. With a diameter range from 3/16" to 1" the Quick-Check is able to handle the majority of common rope sizes. Two year warranty.

Dillon has designed a new device to take the guesswork out of sizing cables and saving you valuable time. The device can be purchased along with the Dillon Quick-Check, a highly portable tension meter that can quickly be installed to measure tension in guiderails, guy lines and overhead wires. The Quick-Check not only accommodates a wide variety of cable sizes and styles but can also store up to 15 cable sizes in its memory.

Dillon - A Member of the National Association of Tower Erectors


Product Applications

Quick-Check Tension Meter - Wind Turbine

Wind Turbines are used to produce electrical energy. They capture the wind  energy and convert it into electrical energy via a motor. By using the portable and rugged Dillon Electronic EDXtreme Dynamometer, the manufacturer will weigh the blades so they can send out a balanced set of blades for optimized performance. Also, a service technician can use the Dillon AP Mechanical Dynamometer to weigh equipment via a motorized hoist to prevent an overload to the hoist. Another application with the Wind Turbine is using the Quick-Check to check the tension on guy wires that support the wind turbine under high winds (not all wind turbines have guy wires).

Products used:
Quick-Check - 10,000 lbs
AP Dynamometer 5" - 1,000 or 2,000 lb
EDXtreme - 5,000 or 10,000 lb

Quick-Check Tension Meter - Zip Line

The Dillon Quick-Check Tension Meter quickly measures the cables on a zip line to ensure the proper amount of tension or sag. The proper cable tension in Zip Lining is important as this determines not only the speed and quality of the ride but also guarantees the safety of the riders. During a normal day in the Zip Line industry, the temperatures rise and fall with the sun. So, the cable elongates as the temperature heats up and contracts as the temperature drops. With this ever changing temperature and cable expansion and contraction, cable tension changes during the day which requires the tension to be monitored and changed several times during the day. With the 15 different wire sizes and types stored in Quick-Check memory, the operator can place it on the cable, measure its tension and remove in seconds. The Quick-Check is portable and rugged - built for outdoor use.
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