Dillon X-ST 测力计(200kg)

Capacity: 200kg 
Resolution 2kg
Accuracy: ±1% 
Overloads: up to 30% of capacity
 temperature :Operating temperature up to 120° F.


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Dillon offers the Model X-ST in seven
capacities from 100 lb to 10,000 lb or
25 kg to 5000 kg. Accuracy is ±1%
of full range. (Note: For applications
requiring capacities beyond 10,000
lb or 5000 kg in tension, consider the
Dillon Dynamometer).
Tension Force Gauges in capacities
through 2,000 lb (1000 kg)
are supplied with two rod-end
connectors. 5,000 and 10,000 lb
(5000 kg) capacities are equipped
with convenient shackles and pins.
Calibration is available in pounds,
kilograms or Newtons

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