DILLON Quick Check – T 快速检查-T型钢丝张力计 (4500 kg)

Markets / Industries: Tower and stack guy wires, cable barriers, overhead transit wires, bridges, fall arrest, stage support, aircraft cables and public utilities 

Capacities: 10,000 lb 4500 kg 

Rope Calibrations: Up to 20 (must be specified at time of order) 

Cable Diameter Range: 3/16” to 1” 4.75 mm to 25.4 mm 

Display Informative: 128 x 64 dot-graphic LCD display 

Shows: Unit, Wire Type, Sheave, Temperature, Target Tension, Site ID, Leg, Wire, GPS Coordinates, and Battery.   

Display Backlight: Yes (configurable intensity and timer) 

Date and Time: Yes 

GPS: Internal GPS: 

o Horizontal position accuracy of 2.5m 

Internal Temperature Sensor: +/- 2˚C 

Wireless Radio: 

- 2.4GHz Wireless connection to a Communicator II handheld 

- Internal antenna with an outdoor range of 600ft line of sight and 300ft typical indoor range dependent on environment. 

Calibration Reminder: Yes 

AZT (Automatic Zero Tracking) & Filtering: Configurable AZT and Filtering 

RS-232 Port: 

- Four pin Lemo RS-232 Output  

- RS232 to USB Cable Kit available P/N AWT05509542 

Carry Case: Yes 

Enclosure: Suitable for continuous outdoor use 

Units of Measure: lbf, kgf, nf Temperature 

Range: -4˚F to 158˚F (-20˚C to 70˚C) 

Power: Two C Alkaline batteries 

Battery Life: Over 40 hrs continuous*  

Accuracy: 3% full scale 

User’s Manual: Yes, available for download on Dillon website 

Pass/Fail Testing Mode: Yes 

Tower Mode: Works with Tower Lookup PC Software to: 

o Import and Send Tower Target Tensions to the Quick Check 

o Set Wire Target Tension based on Temperature 

o Store Pre-Tension & Post-Tension readings for each Leg and Wire with GPS coordinates 







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