DLWD-ETBEZMXT electrical Installation training system is used for basic electrical installation and further studying. Each panel of module has a components circuit, The circuit is built by 4mm safety terminals. This system mainly provide training of two partial intercom system and lighting system. Comprehensive training for external intercom and internal intercom, measurement on electric power parameters, voltage, current, power and power factors.

Technical parameters

1 Power input: AC380V, 50Hz; three-phase five-wire system

2 Power output: Necessary power module

3 Dimension: 1600 × 1370 × 1800mm (L × W × H) (the dimension may change according to actual design)

4 Capacity: ≤1.5kVA

5 Power control: Use automatic air switch on/off power supply, with short circuit protection system, leakage protection system, the voltage value can be set according to the actual situation of their own over-voltage protection system, the voltage value can be set according to the actual situation of set undervoltage protection system.

Training content

1 Single-pole switch control circuit

2 Single switch control socket and ground fault protection circuit

3 Dimming incandescent control circuit

4 Pulse and current switch control circuit

5 Automatic stairway lighting switch (three-wire and four-wire) control circuit

6 Dual-loop control of the fluorescent lamp control circuit

7 Sodium lamp control circuit

8 High pressure mercury lamp control circuit

9 Dimming fluorescent lamp control circuit

10 7 path switch control lamp control circuit

11 Doorbell control circuit

12 Ammeter and voltmeter measuring circuit

13 Frequency meter and power factor meter measuring circuit

14 Single-phase energy meter and measuring circuit wiring

15 Remote light control circuit

16 External intercom awareness training

17 Internal intercom awareness training

18 Combination of internal and external intercom training

19 Remote control incandescent light on/ off training

20 Training of fluorescent lamps installed in two ways (fluorescent and holder separately and together)

21 Three position control and multi-switch control incandescent training (middle switch have a medium switch)

22 Double-double control switch control training

23 Training of wall socket installation (two-hole outlet, three-hole socket, an Ethernet jack, the phone line socket)

24 Incandescent dimming Training

25 Application of self-locking, self-reset, emergency stop, illuminated buttons, etc.

26 Bell installation and use

27 Circuit diagram of the rotary switch 

28 Study multimeter measurement methods, how to test the circuit and check failures

29 How to use of computer software with a multimeter. Monitoring of current, voltage and other electrical parameters



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