DRAMINSKI DermaView 皮肤扫描仪美容高清显示头发测试仪

In the recent years, we have witnessed a dynamic development of treatments and therapies aimed at improving the look of human skin. Aesthetic medicine and cosmetology offer new therapies to preserve young looking skin and eliminate visible skin defects. The basis for effective skin improvement is correct assessment of skin condition and monitoring any changes occurring in the skin as a result of treatment. At the present day, aesthetic medicine and cosmetology have no objective method to assess the skin and monitor any changes occurring in it. Nowadays, a palpation examination together with photographic documentation are applied most often. In some surgeries measurements are made to show the level of skin moisture and lubrication, etc.

None of these methods shows what happens inside the skin. The only method to supplement this gap is high frequency ultrasonography. Bearing in mind the advantages of ultrasound examination as a method, i.e. non-invasiveness, patient’s safety, ability to repeat measurements as well as more and more accessible prices of ultrasound scanners, it should be widely used in aesthetic medicine and cosmetology practice.

Main advantages of DermaView device for skin assessment


Designed for very accurate epidermis and dermis assessment

The device has a 48MHz head to obtain a very accurate image, which guarantees a very precise assessment of skin condition.



  • Echogenicity – filtered pixel measurement in the selected area,
  • Length to the nearest 0.001 mm,
  • Surface area – including contours (important for instance for cellulite measurement).


Full record of patients

With the ability to record and display images taken during the examination, you can record the entire history of the client’s examinations and compare the skin condition before, during and after therapy.


An option to connect to any computer

Owing to USB2 the device can be connected to any computer and used anywhere.


Very handy

The device is very light as it weights only 300g. Thanks to its ergonomic design the device may be easily held in one hand. The device has 2 replaceable probe covers.


Full data storage

An extended menu helps to save and retrieve the patient’s data and provide notes to them.


The set includes:

  • device DRAMIŃSKI Derma View,
  • probe 48 MHz,
  • software,
  • transport case

Technical data

Length of the probe 18.5 cm
Connection cable length 178.5 cm
Unit weight 300 g
Probe frequency 48 MHz
Power supply computer USB 2.0

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