DRAMINSKI DogScan 兽医超声波检查仪/ 手提式/ 多功能/ 犬用

A mini ultrasound scanner was designed specifically for dog breeders to enable them independent examination of dogs to confirm or exclude pregnancy. It is also designed for veterinarians who need an easy-to-use and cheap ultrasound for pregnancy detection.


Why should you have DRAMIŃSKI DogScan?

It is the best-selling ultrasound for large dog breeding farms, where it is used for super fast, independent pregnancy diagnostics. The ultrasound scanner allows for:

  • early detection of pregnancy in bitches on a breeding farm,
  • fast examination of the animal,
  • estimating the number of pups before birth,
  • observation of foetus during pregnancy,
  • reducing the cost of running a breeding farm.
  • planning the sale o pups already at the stage of pregnancy.


Features of the device

  • simple design and user-friendliness,
  • strong, aluminium casing resistant to shocks and moisture,
  • very small size,
  • internal battery lasts for 4 h. 30 min. of continuous work,
  • battery charging lasts only 2 hours,
  • functional membrane keyboard,
  • high quality 5″ TFT LCD display to guarantee a clear and bright image,
  • permanently connected 5 MHz abdominal probe.


The set includes:

  • scanner’s body,
  • carrying strap, which allows hanging the device on the neck,
  • fixed mechanical abdominal probe,
  • internal package,
  • charger,
  • power cable for the charger,
  • bottle of ultrasound gel,
  • manual,
  • transport case.
Dimensions   17.0 x 15.0 x 5.5 cm
Unit weight   1300 g
Probe weight   265 g
Image presentation (projection) mode   B Mode – live imaging
Type and probe frequency   mechanical, sector (abdominal) 5.0 MHz
Penetration range   7, 10, 12, 15, 20 cm
Scanning angle   90°
Display   5.0 inch TFT LCD
Keyboard   membrane
Battery   Internal Li-Ion battery pack, 14.4V, 3.1Ah
Continuous operation on fully charged battery   about 4 h. 30 min.
Charging time   2 hours
Battery exhausted indicator   automatic – acoustic and visual signal
Operating temperature range   +5°C to +40°C
Storage temperature range   0°C to + 45°C


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