DRAMINSKI SonTrace 兽医超声波检查仪/ 手提式/ 多功能

DRAMIŃSKI SonTrace system has been designed for budding veterinary practitioners, who need a portable and economic ultrasound scanner. SonTrace is a solution that allows for building one’s own ultrasound scanner based on his or her own notebook or PC. The system can be carried in a laptop bag. It is powered by a computer USB2.0 At the same time, the ultrasound scanner may be used in the office as a stationary device.

Why should you have DRAMIŃSKI SonTrace?

  • An economic solution for budding veterinary practitioners or students interested in ultrasonography.
  • Functional and easy to use software with a wide range of options available (dimensioning, cine loop, saving diagnostic images, etc.).
  • A universal 5.0 MHz broadband probe (sector, mechanical probe) for abdominal examinations.
  •  Fully mobile ultrasound system that can can always have with you.

The set  includes:

  • Sontrace – electronic probe operating system that works with a computer via USB
  • 5.0MHz sector mechanical probe or an optional 7.5MHz probe (abdominal)
  • a CD with Dramiński SonTrace System software
  • transport packaging
  • USB connecting cable
  • manual
Dimensions   11.5 x 8.0 x 3.5 cm
Unit weight   250 g without probe
Imaging mode   real-time imaging:
B Mode,
B+B Mode
B+M Mode
Cine loop   max 256 frames (ca. 20 sec.)
Frequency and type of probes   Mechanical, sector, abdominal 5.0 MHz
Mechanical, sector, abdominal 7.5 MHz
Penetration depth (depending on the probe type)   7, 10, 12, 15, 20 cm
Penetration angle   90° for abdominal probes
Function controls   Computer keyboard (keyboard shortcuts)
Mouse cursor (laptop touchpad or a mouse)
Image memory capacity   Limited by computer HDD disk capacity
Power supply   Computer USB2.0 port, 5 V
Operating temperature range   + 5°C to + 40°C
Storage temperature range   0°C to + 45°C


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