DTE UPA-20M 初级电流注入器 (380V, 20kA)

Max output current (220V supply): 13kA
Max output current (380V supply): 20kA
Output current measuring range (Mode "A"): 10-1000A
Output current measuring range (Mode "kA"): 20A-20kA
Test current duration measuring range: 500ms-990ms; 1s-7200s
Current measuring accuracy: 1.5% of range
Duration measuring accuracy: 3% of reading
Max testing duration at max output current: 10s
Power consumption: max 55kvA
Supply voltage: 220V+/-22V or 380V+/-38V
Frequency: 50+/-1 Hz
Control unit net weight: 27kg
Current source net weight: 59kg
Control unit dimensions: 1097x650x870 mm



UPA-20M primary current injector

AC high current primary curren tinjector UPA-20M purpose is functional check and taking ampere second characteristics of automatic circuit breakers working in AC in range of 20A-20kA. UPA-20M registers current values and tripping time of automatic circuit breakers. Also UPA-20M can be used as source of AC current, adjustable up to 20kA, in low impedance power networks.

Can be used both in single-phase and three-phase networks.

UPA-20M primary current injector is a mobile device, which could be easily transported to a required testing location.


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