Dynaflox DMTF-Ex 防爆多普勒超声波流量计

Accuracy: 0.5%~2.0 % F.S
Flow velocity range: 0.05 m/s~12m/s
Enclosure: NEMA4 x [IP65], cast aluminum
Dimension: 310Lx226Wx127H mm
Power supply: 24 VDC+-5%, 2.5 VA max
Display: 2x8 LCD
Output: 4-20mA
Temp.: -40 + 70 C

Measuring range: 0.05 m/s ~ 12m/s
Type: Insertion and clamp-on
Liquid temp.: Std: -40+121C. Opt: -40+250 C -40~150 for insertion )
Cable length: std : 6m . Opt: 300m
Housing material:  
Clamp-on: Aluminum
Insertion : Stainless steel
Protection class: 
Clamp-on: IP65
Insertion : Std: IP65. Opt: IP68






1. The system can be field configured to pipe sizes ranging from 40 to 4000mm.

2. For dirty liquids, a certain amount of air bubbles or suspended solids contain

3. Excellent low flow rate measurement ability, low to 0.05 m/s

4. A wide range of flow measurement, high flow rate can reach 12m/s

5. Automatically signal gain adjustment

6. Do not need to shut down the pipe flow when installing the transducers.

7. User-friendly configurations

8. 4-20mA, totalizer pulse and relay alarm output

9. Accuracy: 2.0% Calibrated span



Approvals:2G, ExdBT6, LCIE 09 ATEX 3088



For petrochemical plant and oil field, oily wastewater discharge, wastewater,

sewage, oil drilling slurry, or all explosion-proof occasion of flow monitoring and measurement.


When installing insertion transducer, Hot-tapped installation and demounted online,

do not need to shut down the pipe flow when install the transducers. 
                    Doppler Ultrasonic Flow Meter
When installing insertion transducer, the pipe can’t be welded directly, such as cement pipe,

ductile iron or other unweldable material, please notify manufacturer for extended transducers

(wall thickness of pipe can be up to 110mm). In this case, it also need to install a weldable

(usually carbon steel) hoop shown as below.
           Doppler Ultrasonic Flow Meter  

Standard temperature and high temperature Clamp-on Explosion-proof transducers are optional.

Technical Parameters
    Doppler Ultrasonic Flow Meter

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