EBP E-600 生物显微镜三目

Eyepiece: 10X wide field plan eyepiece and field of view number is Φ22mm, the eyepiece interface is Ф30mm

Dark & bright field objective):

PL L5X/0.12          working distance: 9.70 mm 

PL L10X/0.25         working distance: 9.30 mm 

PL L20X/0.40         working distance: 7.23 mm 

PL L50X/0.70         working distance: 2.5 mm 

PL L100X for optional purchase

Eyepiece tube: Hinged binocular tube, with an observation angle of 45°, and a pupil distance of 53-75mm

Focusing system: Coaxial coarse/fine focus, with tension adjustable and up stop minimum division of fine focusing is 2μm


1. Mechanical stage overall size: 242mmX200mm and moving range : 30mmX30mm. 

2. Rotundity and rotatable stage size: maximal measurement is Ф130mm and minimal clear aperture is less

Illumination: 12V50W  halogen and brightness enable control. Integrated field diaphragm, aperture diaphragm and puller type polarizer. Equipped with frosted glass and filters

Polarizing set: Analyser can be rotatable and both polarizer and analyser can be move light path

Filter: Blue, green, yellow

Operation Environment:

l Indoor 

l Altitude: 2000m Max. 

l Temperature: 5℃-40℃  (41℉-104℉) 

l Humidity: 80% for 31℃  (88℉);         70% for 34℃  (93℉);        60% for 37℃  (99℉)  ;       50% for 40℃  (104℉) 

l Pollution: 2 (Refer to IEC664)

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