EBP GP-1000 自动研磨抛光机(触摸屏)

Working disc diameter: Standardφ250mm (option:φ230mm, φ220mm) With magnetic transfer disk system

Sample quantity: Standard 6 pieces of φ30

Grinding disc speed: 100-1000 r/min The forward and backward rotation can

be switched

Three level constant speed: V1=300r/min V2=500r/min V3=800r/min, can change by yourself

Grinding head speed 30-200r/min

Sample holder: Standard φ30mm 6 pieces (Option: φ40-φ50mm 3 pieces, other size can be customized)

Automatic mode: Can be programmed eight speed, running time and grinding wheel steering switch

Working air source pressure range: 0.5-0.8MP

Sample pressure range Suggestion:0.2-0.3MP

Power supply: AC220V, 50/60Hz

Motor power: 0.75Kw

Dimension: 760 x 490 x 650mm

Weight: 63kg



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