EBRO EBI 15 标准数据记录仪

Accuricy Temperature: ± 0,1 °C Pressure: ± 15 mbar
Dimensions ø 90 mm x 186 mm
IP Rating IP 68
Measurement temperature, pressure
Measuring range Temperature: 0 °C ... +150 °C Pressure: 0 mbar ... 4.000 mbar
Memory 27.000 measurement values
Operating Temperature 0 °C...+150 °C
Power Supply Lithium 3,6 Volt battery exchangeable
Resolution Temperature: 0,025 °C Pressure: 1 mbar
Sample Rate 1s
Sensor Pt 1000
Registrador de datos Bowie-Dick, campo de medición 0°C ... +150°C / 1 hasta 4000 mbar

Product Description

Technical Data/ EBI 15


Measuring range temperature: 0°C ... +150°C


Measuring range pressure: 0 mbar ... 4.000 mbar


Accuracy: ± 0,1°C / ± 15 mbar


Resulution: 0,025°C / 1 mbar


Memory: measured values 100.000 valeurs


Sensor temperature: Pt 1000


Sensor pressure: piezoresistive


Channels: 2 temperature, 1 pressure


Measuring mode:


> endless


> start/stop measurement


> measurement from start time


> start immediately until memory full


Measuring rate: 250 ms ... 24 h


Battery: 3.6V lithium, exchangeabble


Housing: stainless steel V4A, PEEK, PPSU, aluminium


Protection clss: IP 68


Certificate: according to ISO 9001/2000


The data logger EBI 15 is a measuring system for checking steam sterilizers without relying on chemical indicators.


This system can check relevant sterilzation parameters such as vacuum, compensation time, hold time and sterilization temperature. Also, steam penetration analogous to a Bowie & Dick Test can be checked.


The temperature inside a measuring chamber is compared with the outside temperature. If there is a temperature difference, then this is caused by insufficient steam penetration. On the basis of the temperature difference and of the behaviour of both temperature curves, a statement can be made regarding the cause of the insufficient steam penetration (leakage, insufficient vacuum, air injection).


Essentially, here the same method is used as in determining steam penetration with a Helix PCD (process challenge device). Only here, a physical temperature measurement is used instead of a chemical indicator.


Winlog.med or Winlog.med Validation automatically evaluates the temperature difference during readout and presents the results (where applicable) with cause of error.

Required Components


In order to carry out a routine check with the EBI 15 System, the following components are required:


EBI 15 data logger


Interface IF 150 (interface IF 100 and IF 200 can also be used, but then the bottom of the EBI 15 must be screwed off before readout)


Antenna (for transmission from the steri: steri antenna and throughput)


Software Winlog.med

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