EBRO EBI 16医疗灭菌标准测试套件(1〜150°,0 mbar〜4,000 mbar)

Manufacturer: EBRO

Model: EBI 16

Part No.: 1340-6697

Origin: Germany

Warranty: 12 months

Product Description

Together with the evaluation software Winlog.med the new EBI 16 data logger forms an easy to use and very reliable electronic measurement system. With it a comprehensive routine control of steam sterilizers can be performed using an alternative Electronic Bowie Dick Test according to DIN EN ISO 11140-4. In addition to the review of the steam penetration, the relevant sterilization parameters are controlled. 

• Reliable: clear, reproducible measurement results 

• Accurate: high-resolution graphical cycle display 

• Secure: digital data recording and storage 

• Easy: to use and evaluate

Bowie Dick Test 

The EBI 16 delivers clear results during daily checks of the air evacuation test and steam penetration test according to DIN EN 17665 and DIN EN 285. 

Early warning system 

The EBI 16 provides early identification of possible failures in steam-sterilizers. Even small quantities of residual air that doesn`t lead to a failed Bowie Dick Test yet, are detected. 

Vacuum check 

The EBI 16 allows a reasonable vacuum check also for sterilizers without pressure display according to DIN EN 285. 

Verification of sterilization parameters 

The EBI 16 checks the sterilization parameters such as compensation time, hold time, sterilization temperature and sterilization time according to DIN EN 285.“

Technical data

Measuring range: 1°C ... +150°, 0 mbar ... 4.000 mbar

Accuracy: ± 0.1°C, ± 15 mbar

Resolution: 0.01°C, 1 mbar

Memory: 6750 measurement values

Measured variables: temperature, pressure

IP Rating: IP68

Dimensions: 90 mm x 150 mm

Weight: 500 g

Certificate: Factory calibration certificate


Winlog.med Software: Software (Standard-Software for the CSSD); Part No. 1340-2363

Winlog.validation Software; Part No. 1340-2394




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