EBRO RM 100 室内气候监测设备(CO2:0〜3000ppm,0〜+ 50°C,20〜90%rH)

Manufacturer: EBRO

Model: RM 100

Part No.: 1348-0001

Origin: Germany

Warranty: 12 months

Product Description

・Large, illuminated display

・Measurements of air temperature, humidity and CO 2 value

・Alarming when limit is exceeded

・Factory calibration certificate

The room climate monitor RM 100 measures the air temperature and humidity as well as the CO2 value. The measurements are clearly visible in the large, illuminated display. In addition, three LEDs indicate the CO2 value in the air as good, medium or bad, respectively. Every room climate monitor RM 100 is shipped with a certificate of calibration. This is proof of the accuracy and reliability of your device.

Technical Data

Measuring range: CO2: 0 ... 3000ppm Temperature: 0°C ... +50°C Humidity: 20% ... 90% rH

Operating Temperature: 0°C ... +50°C

Storage temperature: -20°C ... +60°C

Battery: USB or 5V-Adapter (included)

Weight: 200g

Certificate: Factory calibration certificate




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