Elcometer 208 超声波测厚仪(0,63 - 500mm)

Elcometer 208 Ultrasonic ThruPaint Thickness Gauge (0,63 - 500mm)

Manufacture: Elcometer
Model: C208----1
Origin: England
Warranty: 12 month

Scan Mode
Alarm Mode
Maximum Measurement Range: 0.63 - 500mm; 2.54 - 25.4mm in Echo-to-Echo Mode
Velocity Range: 1250 - 10000m/s (0.0492 - 0.3937 in/μs)
 Accuracy: ±0.1mm
Resolution: 0.01mm
Units: Millimetres and Inches
Operating Temperature: -20°C to 50°C
Keypad Type: Sealed Membrane
Display: 114mm Digit Liquid Crystal Display with backlight
Battery Type (Life): 2 x AA batteries (200 hours)
Weight: 295g
Dimensions: 63 x 120 x 31mm
Packing List: Elcometer 208 or 208DL gauge, bottle of couplant, 2x batteries, carry case, calibration
certificate and operating instructions.

Note: Transducers are supplied separately




Datasheet Transducer

Elcometer 208 & 208DL Ultrasonic ThruPaint Thickness Gauge

Rugged & repeatable hand-held gauges designed to non destructively measure the thickness of metal substrates whilst ignoring the thickness of up to 2mm (80mils) of an applied coating (Echo to Echo mode).

Supplied with or without data logging, each gauge can be used with a wide range of measurement transducers and has a wide range of functions including Scan mode and Alarm mode. Transducers are supplied separately.


Elcometer 208 & 208DL Ultrasonic ThruPaint Thickness Gauge

Technical Specification

Part Number




Elcometer 208

Elcometer 208DL

Echo-to-Echo Mode

Scan Mode

Alarm Mode

Data Output (Immediate)

Data Logging (Memory)


1000 readings

ElcoMaster® Software



Maximum Measurement Range

0.63 - 500mm (0.025 - 20”), 2.54 - 25.4mm (0.1 - 1.0”) in Echo-to-Echo Mode

Velocity Range

1250 - 10000m/s (0.0492 - 0.3937 in/µs)


±0.1mm (0.004”)


0.01mm (0.001”)


Millimetres and Inches

Operating Temperature

-20°C to 50°C (-4°F to 120°F)

Keypad Type

Sealed Membrane


114mm (4½”) Digit Liquid Crystal Display with backlight

Battery Type

2 x LR6 (AA) 1.5V Alkaline or 1.2V NiCad cell


295g (10oz)


63.5 x 120.6 x 31.75mm (2.5 x 4.75 x 1.25”)

Packing List

Elcometer 208 or 208DL ultrasonic gauge, bottle of couplant, battery x2, carry case and operating instructions. Elcometer 208DL only: CD with ElcoMaster® software and data transfer cable



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