Elcometer CG70BDL 腐蚀测厚仪(B-scan,ThruPaint 模式)

Measurement Mode: PEm, EE 
Measurement Rate: 
+ 4 readings per second
+ 32 readings per second
+ 6 readings per second
Measuring Range
+ PE: 0.63 - 254mm 
+ EE: 2.54 - 102mm
Measurement Accuracy: ± 1% or ±0.1mm 
Measurement Resolution: 0.01 mm
Velocity Calibration Range: 1250 - 9,999m/s
 B-Scan display speed: 15 seconds per screen
Transducer Frequency Range: 1 - 10MHz
Display: 1/8 inch VGA 
Battery Type: 3 x AA alkaline
Battery Life: 200 hours
Operating Temperature: -10 to 60ºC
Size (w x h x d): 63.5 x 165.0 x 31.5mm
Weight (including batteries): 383g
RS232 Interface: Bi-directional
Packing List: Elcometer NDT CG70BDL gauge, couplant, carry case, user manual, test certificate, 3 x AA batteries, ElcoMaster® software, transfer cable

Note: A transducer is not suppied with the Gauges, must be ordered separately




Datasheet Transducer

CG70 Corrosion Thickness Gauges

The CG70 range of corrosion thickness gauges with its large, easy to read display, provides users with A and B-Scan options for accurate interpretation of measurements.

The Elcometer CG70 corrosion thickness gauge is available in two models: CG70BDL and CG70ABDL. Both models offer 2D cross sectional block view, providing a graphical representation of a materials thickness, ideal for accurate analysis and identification of pits and corroded areas.


CG70 Thickness Gauge


  • Range of display & measurement options: Pulse-Echo, Echo-Echo ThruPaint™ technology
  • Multiple calibration and material selection options
  • Adjustable gain: -30dB to 70dB range
  • Automatic gain control (AGC)
  • 64 User definable setups
  • High speed scan: 32 readings per second
  • Differential and minimal thickness alarm modes
  • Data output and storage: 12,000 readings and waveforms or B-Scans
  • Download to ElcoMaster® data management software


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