Elvira Lornet 836 双频率非线性节点探测器

The frequency of the probing signal in the range: 800MHz+/- / 3600MHz +/-

The maximum power of the probing signal (max. // average):

Pulse mode: 18W//64mW

Pulse mode with small duty cycle (CW): 6W//375mW

Receiver sensitivity, not worse than: -110dBm (-140BmW)

The adjustment range of the probing signal power: 20Bm

The dynamic range of the receive path: 24Bm

Battery life at maximum power in a pulsed (continuous)

mode: 2.5 h (1.5 h)

The operating temperature range: from +5 to +40º С

Device dimension: 31х31х28 сm

The full weight of the item in active status: 1 kg

The bag dimensions: 44х30х35 cm

The full weight of the item in a bag: 4,5 kg


R-T unit with a control knob

2 removable (LI-ION) rechargeable batteries (3.6V),

Battery charging container,

Battery charging adaptor (220V)

Wireless headset and receiver

AC adapter for the receiving device (220V)

Transportation bag

Documentation (user manual, certificate)






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