ELVIRA Lornet Star 频谱分析非线性节点探测器

Transciever heads: 08 | 24 | 24s | 36m

Probing signal frequency range: 800MHz | 2400MHz | 2400MHz | 3600MHz

The maximum power of the probing signal (max. // average):

Pulse mode: 0W//230mW | 10W//230mW | 10W//230mW | 18W//112mW

Continuous mode: 300mW | 300mW | 300mW

Pulse mode with small duty cycle (CW): 6W//375mW (36m)

Receiver sensitivity, not worse than: -110dBm

The adjustment range of the probing signal power: 20Bm

The dynamic range of the receive path: 24Bm

Battery life at maximum power in a pulsed (continuous)

mode: 3,0h(1,5h) | 3,0h(1,5h) | 2,5h(1,5h) | 2,5h(1,5h)

The operating temperature range: from +5 to +40º С

Device dimension: 40х20х7cm | 40х20х7cm | 40х20х7cm | 40х20х20cm

The full weight of the item in active state without rod: 1 kg

Telescopic rod size: 54х4х4 (86х4х4)cm

Telescopic rod weight: 0.2kg

The bag dimensions: 65х30х20cm

Maximum weight of the devices within the bag: 3kg


Control knob Lornet Star

Universal telescopic rod Lornet Star"

2 removable (LI-ION) rechargeable batteries (12V)

Battery charging container

Battery charging adaptor (220V)

Lornet Star Package can include up to 3 Interchangeable Antenna Unit (IAU) from 4 options:

IAU Lornet Star 08, 800Mhz (option)

IAU Lornet Star 24, 2400Mhz (option)

IAU Lornet Star 24s, 2400Mhz with spectrum analyzer

IAU Lornet Star 36m, 3600Mhz (option)

Transportation bag

Documentation (user manual, certificate)






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