EMCTD RFP-05M 电磁场强计

• RFP-05M can operate with multiple probes, both current and future models.
• Calibration factors for multiple probes are stored internally and can be updated from SD card by the user.
• Extremely large SFD dynamic range with auto-ranging function offers high accuracy and simple operation without any additional switching.
• Advanced programmable data sampling with time averaging and spatial averaging allows monitoring and recording of time variable signals to comply with various RF safety and regulatory standards.
• Internal data logging with removable memory card provides programmable and practically unlimited data storage. No PC is needed for data recording – log the data and read it later.
• Unique auto-zero function can be operated either automatically or manually even in the presence of the strongest RF fields, thus ensuring the high sensitivity and long term stability.
• Serial bidirectional data port with IM Insulated Modem option can be used for PC bidirectional data transfer and instrument control. Choose between RF isolated USB option (IM-USB) or USB and fiber optic accessory link (FOLK-02).
• IR remote control allows SFD control and operation from a distance – no hands, no wires (Optional).
• Sound alarm with variable threshold warns if the preset level is exceeded.
• Portable lightweight design with detachable isotropic probe and standard battery (two AA primary or rechargeable cells) offers flexibility and advantages in the field.
• SFD can display the data both in field strength and power density units.
• Bright color OLED display can be set do display only the information important to the user. Maximized display mode ensures good visibility from a distance.
• User friendly interface puts all frequently done functions at the upper screens making them easy to find and to use.

Meter RFP-05M with probes (can support up to 4 probes at the same time): (option)
-Probe PI-01, Electric: 0.2 MHz – 3 GHz. 0.2 – 600 V/m.
-Probe PI-01E, Electric: 0.1 MHz – 6 GHz. 0.3 – 600 V/m.
-Probe PI-03, Electric: 3 MHz – 18 GHz. 0.8 – 800 V/m.
-Probe PI-03P, Pulsed Electric: 100 MHz – 18 GHz. 70- 1400 V/m
-Probe PI-01V, Electric: 800 -1900 MHz. 0.4 – 500 V/m.
-Probe PI-H1, Magnetic: 0.5 MHz – 50 MHz. 0.05 – 20 A/m.
Calibration Accuracy: +/-0.5 dB
•Linearity deviation: +/- 0.5 dB.
Unlimited onboard data storage on MMC compatible card.
•Battery life: 20-55 hours (Rechargeable).

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