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EPHIPOT EPJF-D 局部放电检测仪 (0.1pC~10000nC)

Number of channels: 2 independent measurement channels

Sampling accuracy: 12bit

Sampling rate: up to 20MHz per channel

Detection sensitivity: 0.1pC

Measuring range: 0.1pC~10000nC

Dynamic range: greater than 80dB

Capacitance range of testable products: 6pF~250µF

Measurement frequency band: 3dB bandwidth 10kHz ~ 1MHz

Test power frequency range: 50-400Hz

Programmable filter segment: 

+ Low-end frequency 20kHz, 40kHz, 60kHz, 80kHz, OFF (9kHz) 

+ High-end frequencies 100kHz, 200kHz, 300kHz, 400kHz, OFF(1MHz) 

Voltage shock resistance: 5000V, at each input port and power supply terminal (positive, negative, AC)

Power supply: AC220V±10%, frequency 45-65Hz, power <100W

Scope of application: It has the function of conducting partial discharge live inspection of high-voltage electrical equipment in operation. It is suitable for column switches, transformers, dry-type transformers, oil-immersed transformers, high-voltage circuit breakers, coupling capacitors, reactors, capacitor bushings, high-voltage Partial discharge tests and other scientific tests are carried out on the test samples such as switches.

Product technical specifications and standards: 

1) IEC60270 "Partial discharge measurement" 

2) GB/T7354 "Partial discharge measurement" 

Use environment: 

1) Ambient temperature: -15℃~+50℃ 

2) Relative humidity: ≤95% (20℃). 

3) Altitude: ≤3000m 


General Information:

EPJF-D Partial discharge detector is a new type of digital partial discharge detector. It is suitable for partial discharge live inspection of high-voltage electrical equipment such as transformers, GIS, switch cabinets, cables, arresters, and transformers.

The partial discharge detector is equipped with different sensors to collect signals, and then detect and evaluate the operation status of high-voltage electrical equipment, avoid sudden accidents of equipment, and effectively detect equipment insulation deterioration, breakdown, flashover and other serious phenomena. The whole set of equipment adopts ultrasonic detection technology, high frequency detection technology, signal field processing technology, Web background processing software and other technologies for detection and analysis. At the same time, the high-speed AD conversion circuit is used to complete the digitization of the signal, and the reliability of the detected data is ensured by digital signal processing, adaptive filtering and other interference signal processing methods. Using this equipment to conduct partial discharge live inspection on high-voltage electrical equipment, it is convenient for staff to evaluate the operating status of high-voltage electrical equipment in time, which provides a basis for equipment maintenance, and can also track and test the fault points of operating equipment, which greatly improves the performance of the equipment. Reliability, safety and effectiveness of the operation of high-voltage electrical equipment.

The insulation discharge detector consists of the host, partial discharge detection software, current transformer, input unit, high voltage calibration pulse generator and connecting wire.


1. Portable design, durable and easy to use

The detection host is a portable design, the shell is firm and reliable, and a 12-inch high-performance industrial all-in-one machine is selected.

2. Strong anti-interference ability, accurate detection data

Using digital filtering technology, on-site interference can be effectively eliminated, and partial discharge measurement can also be achieved in a strong interference environment.

3. High-sensitivity sensor, which can sensitively reflect the partial discharge state inside the device

The ultrasonic sensor adopts the most advanced technology at present and has been verified by practical application. It can detect weak discharge signals and ensure that the partial discharge signals inside the high-voltage equipment can be effectively detected.

4. The high-frequency current transformer adopts an open design, which can detect pulse signals on various grounding wires at any time without disconnecting the grounding wire.

The system adopts multi-channel data acquisition

At the same time, the electromagnetic wave, ultrasonic wave and other signals generated by partial discharge can be comprehensively analyzed and processed.

5. Simple and convenient connection

The system adopts a variety of connection methods, and the BNC interface method is used between the sensor and the host, which is easy to use.

6. Powerful software

With partial discharge measurement and analysis, measurement and analysis of partial discharge repeated discharge times n, anti-fixed interference, anti-dynamic interference, free choice of ellipse, straight line, sinusoidal display mode, detailed measurement in the window, observation of discharge pulse, test voltage, current Simultaneous measurement with partial discharge, two channels automatically save testal data at regular intervals, two channels save testal data manually or at any time, store waveforms at any time, redisplay and analyze the saved test waveforms in the past, the gain range is coarsely adjusted in six gears per channel, and each gear is optional Fine adjustment, digital window technology, can avoid the influence of interference on the measurement, phase window, single window, double window optional 360-degree open window, four-channel measurement can effectively suppress the interference pulse signal, and measure the partial discharge signal of two samples or multiple measurement points of one sample at the same time, which can easily analyze the source of the partial discharge signal. Synchronization is optional.

7. The partial discharge display result of this software conforms to the IEC60270 standard.

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