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EPHIPOT EPTC-M 工频耐压测试仪 (AC 0-100kV; DC 0-140kV)

Control Unit Specifications: 

Power: AC 220V ±10%, 50Hz

Capacity: 10kVA

Rated output: AC 250V

Rated output current: 40A

HV voltmeter range: AC 0-100kV DC 0-140kV; Accuracy: 1.0% of the reading±1digit (F.S)

LV ammeter range: 0-50A; Accuracy: 1.0% of the reading±1 digit (F.S)

Timing range: 0-9999S

Metering: Digital display

Weight: About 45kg

Dimension: 350mm(L)*300mm(W)*570mm

HV unit (DryType Testing transformer) specifications: 

LV side voltage: 0-200V

LV side current: AC 0-50A

HV side voltage: AC 0-100kV/DC0-140kV

HV side current: AC 100mA

Capacity: 10kVA

Rating: 100% Rated 1minute, 50% continuous

Measuring voltage: AC 0-100V

No-load current: less than 3.5%

Impedance voltage: less than 8%

Weight: About 96kg

Dimension: 390mm(L)*390mm(W)*1100mm(H)


General Information:

EPTC-M Series AC DC Hipot Tester is suitable for hipot dielectric withstand test on various power electric products, units, insulating material and etc.


-Manual controlling.

-LED Display. Real time monitoring High voltage (HV) voltage, Low voltage (LV) current.

-High anti interference ability.

-Full protection functions: over-current, zero-starting sound light alarm, power switch protection.

-New type over-current relay, more accurate and reliable, to ensure the safety of the people and device.

-The control tester: Box type.

-AC/DC is selectable.

-Under castor, easy to move.

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