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EPHIPOT EPTC-M50 手动交流/直流高压测试装置 (380V; 50kVA)

Reference parameters of EPTC-D Control Unit:

Input Voltage (V): 380

Capacity (kVA): 50

Rated Output: 

 + Voltage(V): 400

 + Current(A): 125

HV voltmeter (kV/V): (50/100/150)/100

Oversize (m3)(L×W×H): 70×60×115

- Timing range: 0-9999S

- Working temperature: -20℃ to 50℃

- Voltage precision: ≤1.5% ±1 digit (F.S)

- Current precision: ≤1.5% ±1digit (F.S)


General introduction

AC hipot testing is the effective and direct way to test insulation strength for electric equipment. It checks dangerous flaws and make sure electric equipment continuous working. It typically used to test insulation strength for all kinds of electrical equipment, components like capacitors, insulation materials.

The controller should be equipped with AC/DC HV source to boost. There are three types of testing transformers for optional:

1. Oil-immersed: large capacity, cheap, convenient maintenance, mainstream products.

2. Dry type: light weight, light volume, can run backward, price expensive.

3. Gas inflatable type: interrupter resistance, and light weight.

4. Series type high voltage testing transformer: small volume, low voltage, light weight, easy to transport and install.

General Information:

EPTC-M Series AC/DC Hipot Test Set is suitable for hipot dielectric withstand voltage testing on various power electric products, units, insulating materials. The controller should be equipped with AC/DC HV source to boost. There are three types of testing transformers for optional.


- Manual controlling.

- Oil-immersed, dry, SF6 gas type transformer is selectable according to user’s requirements.

- High anti interference ability.

- High voltage (HV) voltage, Low voltage (LV) current, time, three channels testing ways.

- Real time monitoring HV voltage, LV current.

- Full protection functions: over-current, zero-starting sound light alarm, power switch protection.

- New type time rely, wider time range (1S ~ 99H).

- New type current rely, more precise, more reliable.

- 5kVA and above Testing Transformer with movable iron wheel. Light weight, small size, easy to move, superior performance.

- The control tester can be designed to box type, table type, or cabinet type according to user’s testing capacity:

5kVAor below, Box type

10kVAor above Table type

50kVAor above Cabinet type.

- Add rectifying installation to support AC/DC function.(option)

Other accessories for option:

- AC/DC Digital Voltage Meter: 50,100,150,200kV

- Sphere Gap

- DC microammeter

- Discharge stick

- Water resistor

- HV filter capacitor: 0.01μF-0.1μF, 40-300kV

- Trolley

- Insulating support: 50,100,200,300kV

- Standard Oil cup: 400ml

- HV electroscope: 10, 35kV

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