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EPHIPOT EPWT-10R 变压器直流绕组电阻测试仪 (0.5mΩ-100kΩ)

Measuring Current : 10A, 5A, 1A, 200mA, 40mA, <5mA

Measuring Range: 0.5mΩ-0.1Ω (10A);  0.03Ω-1Ω (5A);  0.06Ω-5Ω (1A);  0.1Ω-50Ω (200mA);  0.3Ω-200Ω (40mA);  100Ω-100kΩ (<5mA)

Measuring Accuracy : 0.2%±2μΩ

Resolution : 0.1μΩ

Power Supply : 12V / 6Ah lithium battery

Working temperature : -20 ~ 40 ℃

Ambient humidity : ≤80% RH, no condensation

Oversize : 323*275*135mm (L*W*H)

Weight : 5.0 kg (Including test leads)

Packing List

1 Tester 1 Pc

2 Test Leads 1 Set

3 Charger 1 Pc

4 Reference Resistor 1 Pc

5 Grounding Wire 1 Pc

6 User’s Guide 1 Pc

7 Factory Calibration Cert 1 Pc

8 Warranty Cert 1 Pc



➢ Large output current and light weight.

➢ 6 output current options, and the maximum output current is 10A.

➢ Can convert the resistance temperature according to the set temperature.

➢ It has perfect protection circuit and more reliable performance.

➢ Lithium-ion battery power supply, easy to operate on site.

➢ It has sound discharge alarm to reduce misoperation.

➢ 4.3-inch color LCD with 480 resolution × 272 TFT true color display.

➢ Adopts machine line integration mode, with built-in test line, which is easy to carry.

➢ Large storage capacity, and can store up to 200 test records.

➢ With USB interface, test data can be transferred to U disk.

➢ The parameter setting is more perfect, which can set the transformer test winding, tap position, test phase, test object temperature, converted temperature value, etc.


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