ESPEC ARS-1100-5 Temperature & humidity chamber (-70~180°C, 10~98%RH, 1100L, BHTC)

System: Balanced Temperature & Humidity Control (BHTC) system

Temperature performance:

Temperature range: -70 to +180°C (-94 to + 356°F)

Temp. rate of change: 

            Heat up rate: 6K/min

            Pull down rate: 6K/min

Allowable heat load: 5500 W

Humidity performance:

            Temp. & Humid. range: +10 to 95°C / 10 to 98%RH

            Allowable heat load: 500W

Water tank capacity: 40L (20Lx2)

Capacity: 1100 L

Inside dimensions WxHxDmm: 1100×1000×1000

Outside dimensions WxHxDmm: 1300×1955×2455

Utility requirements:

           Ambient conditions: 0 to +40℃ (+32 to +104℉) / Up to 75%rh  

           Power supply: 380V AC 3φ50Hz, 33A

           Cooling water flow rate (Reference water temp. +25°C): 2700L/h

Weight: 900 kg



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