ESPEC LU−114 Constant climate cabinetc (–20~85°C, 105L, BTC)

System: Balanced Temperature Control system (BTC system)


        Temp. control range: –20 to +85°C (–4 to +185°F)

Fittings: Drain port filter (×2), cable port I.D. ø25 mm on left side, power cable (with 3-pole plug), drain socket, drain hose (except LU), Ethernet port (LAN), USB memory port

Capacity: 105 L

Inside dimensions mm: W500x H600x D390

Outside dimensions mm: W680x H1090x D826

Weight: 90 kg

Utility requirements: 

        Allowable ambient conditions: Ambient temperature 0 to +40°C (+32 to +104°F) up to 75%rh

        Power supply: 220V AC 1ø 50/60Hz (CE): 4.1 A

                              230V AC 1ø 50/60Hz (CE): 3.9 A


• Shelf (stainless steel wire): 2

• Shelf bracket (18-8 Cr-Ni stainless steel plate): 2 sets

• Cable port rubber plug: 1 (I.D. ø25 mm)

• Water supply/drainage hose (with plug; except LU): 1

• Wet-bulb wick (24 pcs; except LU): box

• Cartridge fuse: 1

• Breaker handle cover: 1

• Stylus pen: 1

• Operation manual: 1



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