ESPEC TSAB-50 空-液温度冲击试验箱 (60°C~270°C, 2°C~20°C)

Power supply: 200 V AC, 3 ohm, 3W, 50/60 Hz (Supporting any power supply voltage as an option)


     Hot chamber:

         Temperature range: +60°C to +270°C

         Temperature heat-up time From ambient temperature to +270°C within 150 minutes

     Water chamber

         Temperature range: +2°C to +20°C

         Temperature heat-up time: From +20°C to +2°C within 150 minutes

         Brine: Water and sewage (city water) only


     Outside dimensions: W1600×H1892×D1500mm

     Test area dimensions: W400×H160×D400mm

     Specimen basket dimensions: W400×H50×D400mm×2 levels

Weight: Approx. 720 kg (not including weight of water)

Water chamber (weight of water): Water supply rate 250 L = water and sewage (city water)


Setting method: Interactive input using touch panel

Display: Backlit LCD panel (color TFT)

Temperature input: T thermocouple and K thermocouple (JIS C1602)

Control method: PID control



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