EVERFINE DMS-1500E 智能手机和平板电脑光学性能测试系统,具有综合暗室设计

Measurement size: 3-15 inches 

Sample: Horizontal placement

X translation: ±180mm 

Y translation: ±180mm 

Z translation: 350mm~600mm adjustable 

Translation resolution: 0.01mm 

Fixture: Clamping device can perform pitch adjustment

Alignment device: Software auto-alignment can be achieved by the cross laser alignment device and the line laser alignment itself.

Monitoring: Video monitoring system

Optical test instrument: SRC series spectral radiance colorimetr, CX series imaging  luminance meter, and etc.

Test speed: Quick, medium and slow for choice

Signal generator: Android mobile phone install remote special graphics swiching software, computer graphics card HDMI, VGA, DVI and other output, Windows system image signal generating software, customer's signal driver and etc.

Response time and flicker: The quick response tester is equipped to realize the response time and the flicker test.

Power supply: High precision precision DC power supply and electrical parameter tester

Darkroom: Metallic dark box



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