EVERFINE GO-HD5 Goniophotometer For Automotive And Singal Lights (±180°(H); ±120°(V))

Rotation range of luminaires: ±180°(horizontal),  ±120°(vertical);

Accuracy of angle: 0.01°( Best );     

Pre-amplified and constant-temperatured photometer head, CLASS L ( f1'<1.5%) or CLASS A ( f1'<3.0%);

Photometry range:0.0001 lx~200000 lx;

Photometric accuracy: Standard Level;

Maximum load: 35kg;     

The precision laser alignment system;

The testing process is controlled by software, with high intelligence and simple operation;

The software provides multiple test functions including illuminance curve, road surface illuminance curve, and equal luminous intensity curve etc., which makes  it easy to test and analyze the lighting performance of the luminaire during the design process;

The function of gradient measurement is used to analyze the position of the cut-off line of automobile headlights;

Automatic alignment function, especially for the initial operator to use and test data without being affected by man's attention;

The test data can be exported from EXCEL format;

Open software designed to meet different software, and easy to be upgrated;

The design of open software is easy to upgrade and replace;

Fast, medium and slow test speed can be selected



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