EVERFINE HACA-3600 高精度色度计

Measurement geometry:

        Transmission: d/0 (diffuse illumination /0 degree reception); reflection: d/8 (diffuse illumination /8 degree reception);

        Measurement geometry: SCI (including specular reflection) /SCE (exclude specular reflection)

Measurement aperture:

        Transmittance measurement aperture: 20mm

        Reflectance measurement aperture: LAV: 28mm; MAV: 11mm; SAV:5 x 7mm

Different measuring apertures can be chosen for different sizes of samples, and corresponding aperture size can be automatically identified.

Wavelength range: 380-780nm (customized for special range)

Wavelength interval:up to 0.1nm

Reflectance range: 0-200%

Repeatability: standard deviation is less than 0.05% (Standard whiteboard).

Accessories: Standard whiteboard, zero calibration box.



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