EVERFINE LAT-2000 LED灯自动老化试验生产线

System size: 15 meters long (adjusted according to actual conditions)

Test speed: Up to 1200 hours / hour (depending on the tested lamps).

Types of applicable lamps and lanterns: LED bulb, spotlight, PAR lamp, candle lamp, fluorescent lamp,LED street lamp, flat lamp, tube lamp, etc.

Type of lamp holder interface: It can be compatible with E27, E26, E24, E17, E14, E12 lamp holder, MR16, GU10, G5, G13 and other mainstream interfaces.

Aging function: It has high and low pressure aging, normal temperature aging, high temperature aging, switch aging, roaming aging, special and efficient aging rings.

Test function: Photometric parameters, chromaticity parameters, electrical parameters, and safety rules

Test power output: 2V ~ 300V

Test voltage stability: Less than 0.2%

Measurement precision of voltage and current: ± (0.04% reading +0.01% range +1)

Precision of power measurement: ±(0.03% reading +0.02% range +1)

Wavelength range: 380nm ~ 780nm

Measurement range of luminous flux: 0.1lm~200000lm



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