EZ DS-3060 数字示波器(60Mhz,2Ch)

Bandwidth:   60MHz

Real-time sampling rate: Max. 1GSa/S

Memory Depth: 2.4Mpts per Channel, 1.2Mpts per Dual Channel

Vertical A/D resolution: 8 Bits

Sampling mode: Sample, Peak Detect, Averaging

Max input voltage: 400V (DC+AC peak, @1㏁)

Measurement Voltage : Max, Min, VPP, High, Low, Amplitude, Average, RMS, Overshoot, Preshoot, Cycle RMS, Cycle average                 

Measurement Time:    Frequency, Period, Rising Time, Falling Time, +Width, -Width, +Duty, -Duty, Delay, Phase, X@Max, X@Min                       

Measurement Frequency counter:  CH1+CH2, CH1-CH2, CH1×CH2, FFT (1,024points)

Measurement Cursor: Auto, Manual, Track                     

Math: 5 digit frequency counter up to full bandwidth  

Interface:  USB Host & Device, RS-232C and Pass /Fail Out        

Display: 5.6-inch TFT Color LCD

Resolution: 320(horizintal) × 234(vertical) dot matrix       

Line voltage: 99V ~ 242V AC

Dimension:  320mm(W) × 156.5mm(H) ×123mm(D)

Weight: 2.5Kg

Manufacture : EZ - Korea
Origin : Korea

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