Finna AM-IIIB 纸张水分测定仪

Application: paper moisture meter, paper material: books ...

Measuring range: 0-15%


Rechargeable batteries

Method of measurement: radio frequency

Display: digital

Voltage: 220V


Model AM-IIIB: Paper Moisture Meter

Portable Digital Paper Moisture Meter to measure single sheets. Complete with Rugged Carrying Case and Operation Instructions Book.

Product Description

The Model AM-III-B portable paper moisture meter is a microcontroller-based instrument that permits instantaneous nondestructive moisture detection measurement on all types of paper and paperboard. Immediate, accurate moisture content readings are obtained on single sheets, stacks or reams.

The paper industry has long recognized the need for rapid on-line moisture measurement to assure efficient energy usage and a high yield of good quality paper.

Decades of experience in the measuring of paper moistures have qualified Finna Group’s engineers to build a rugged, portable instrument which truly excels in moisture measurement accuracy.

Model AM-III-B Paper Moisture Meter Features
  • Pre-programmed with 11 different Calibration Curves, field selectable in pairs.
  • Digital readout displays percent of moisture content.
  • Internal electrical standard assures calibration accuracy.
  • Radio Frequency capacitance circuit minimizes effect of pH and temperature variations.
  • Automatic “Air-Zero” when instrument is energized.
  • Lead Acid Gel Rechargeable Battery
  • Fast and Accurate moisture analysis of stationary single sheets.
  • Protected against static discharges.
  • RF field penetrates completely through the sheet, not just the surface measurement.
  • To insure the highest accuracy each display update is an average of 8 individual readings taken over a 1/2 second period.
  • Programmable for special or unusual papers.
  • Moisture Range 0% to 15% (typically).
  • Special calibration programs for different paper and for higher moistures.
  • Accuracy comparable to gravimetric oven moisture results

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Measurement Method

Radio Frequency

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115 VAC, 220 VAC


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