Finna DA-8 数字水分测定仪

Application: moisture meter for fabrics, fibers, gypsum ...

Measuring range: 0-25.5%

Handset, rechargeable battery

Method: radio frequency

Display: digital

Charger: 220VAC


Model DA-8: Digital Moisture Meter

Model DA-8 Digital Moisture Meter provides instant moisture readings from 0 to 25 percent on a wide variety of materials including carpet, yarn, cloth, nonwovens, gypsum board and more up to 99 calibration tables.

Product Description

The Model DA-8 digital moisture meter provides instant moisture readings on a wide variety of materials. Custom calibrations eliminate the need for guesswork and comparison charts, and guarantee that moisture readings are accurate and product specific. Custom calibration curves of up to seven points are easily entered using the touch pad controls on the face of the instrument.

The Model DA-8 can be used on most nonmetallic products in the 0-25.5% moisture range. It has been very successful in determining the moisture content of carpet, yam, cloth, non-woven, paper, paperboard, gypsum board, fiberglass, roofing paper and wood. An extra large LCD readout shows the moisture content in direct percent, and makes chart comparisons and difficult to read meter dials obsolete. Testing is nondestructive, and the DA-8 is equipped with four sensitivity ranges.

The secret to the versatility of the DA-8 is in how the electrodes are arranged. Seventeen small, button shaped electrodes are placed in a circular pattern, which ensures good contact with curved and rough surfaces..

Model DA8 Digital Moisture Meter Features
  • Simplified Custom Calibration
  • Eliminates Guesswork
  • 0 to 25.5 percent Moisture Range
  • Extra Large LCD Readout
  • Stores 99 Calibrations



Pin Feature


Contact Feature


Measurement Method

Radio Frequency

Reading Feature



115 VAC, 220 VAC


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