FOTRIC 226 红外热像仪 (-20°C~650°C)

Infrared Imaging         

IR Resolution: 384 x 288 pixels

Field of View (FOV): 28°H x 21°V           

Temperature Range: -20°C- +650°C (-4°F ~ +1202°F)            

Minimum Focus Length: 0.15m (Standard Lens)

Spatial Resolution (IFOV): 1.27mRad, 787:1 (Std. Lens) 

Thermal Sensitivity (NETD): ≤0.06°C @30°C

Measurement Accuracy: +2°C or ±2% whichever is greater @Environment Temperature 10°C~35°C

Focus: Manual

Spectral Range: 8~14µm

Detector Type: Focal Plane Array (FPA) uncooled microbolometer

Zoom: 8X continuous digital zoom

Image Processing

Palettes: 15 palette options (Gray White, Gray Red, Iron Red, Rainbow, etc.)

Palette Switching: Tap palette icon

Noise Calibration: Automatic noise calibration FFC/Manual noise calibration FFC

Measurement And Analysis 

Correction Settings: Emissivity, reflected background temperature, relative humidity, ambient temperature, measuring distance, transmission

Emissivity Adjustment: 0.1-1.0

Regional Emissivity Adjustment: Support, on smartphone and in software

Automatic Capture of High, Low and Average Temperature: Support, on smartphone and in software

Isotherm: Above/Below threshold

ROI Measurement Modes:  

- 8 moveable spots 

- 8 moveable area boxes (min/max) 

- 1 line (min/max) 

- Emissivity set for each ROI

Temperature Alarm:  User-defined temperature threshold, audible and visual alarm Of above/below temperature threshold

Image Format: Standard JPEG, including raw temperature data, radiometric

Professional Function 

Display Mode: Full screen thermal image, customer size/transparency/moveable dual vision fusion picture-in-picture (PIP)

Image Saving Modes: Single thermal image/Thermal & digital mix image

Take fully-radiometric Thermal Video Stream on Smartphone: Support, user-defined frame rate (up to 5 fps) or frame interval, up to 1,000 frames per video stream on smartphone

Take fully-radiometric Thermal Video Stream on PC: Support 1TB in software

Thermal Image Analysis on Smartphone: Support on site analysis

Thermal Video Analysis on Smartphone: Support on site analysis

Image Tagging/Labeling: Thermal image can be automatically labelled by scanning QR code or barcode

Image Annotation: Voice/Text Memos

Power Supply 

Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium-ion

Battery Operating Time: 10+ hours

Charging System: AC Power Adapter

Charging Voltage: 12V DC Charger


Operating Temperature: -20°C~50°C (-4°F~+122°F)

Storage Temperature: -20°C~50°C (-4°F~+122°F)

Humidity: < 90%RH

Physical Parameters

Enclosure Rating: IP40

FCC Certification: CFR 47 part 15.107/ CFR 47 part 15.109

Tripod Mounting: UNCI/4"-20

Weight: ~615g

Dimensions (LxHxW): 118x145x93.5mm

Standard Configuration 

• Thermal imaging camera (built-in battery) 

• Standard infrared lens

• Lens protective case 

• Power adapter 

• USB to micro USB OTG cable (left angle/right angle) 

• USB to Micro USB OTG cable 

• USB to Micro USB-C OTG cable 

• USB to Micro cable 

• USB to USB cable 

• Hand wrist strap 

• Getting started manual (with warranty card) 

• Calibration certificate



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