FUJIE HM-1050DN 工业除湿机

FujiE HM-1050DN industrial dehumidifier new generation

The all-new mechanical machine line uses the Compressor Compressor Hitachi Japan

 Product details: Function: automatic defrost

Technology: compressor


Dehumidifying capacity 105liters / 24 hours (at 30oC, 80% conditions)

- Flow: 980 m³ / h

- Application temperature from 5 ℃ to 38 ℃

Input power: 1500W

- Power supply 220V ~ 50Hz

- Drain water continuously through the pipe

- LED screen with intelligent control by computer technology

- Has a filter, removes dust and removes contaminants

- Automatic stop, defrost, use temperature sensor to control freezing when the unit is operating in low temperature environment

- Japanese Shinyei humidity sensor helps control the humidity accurately and consistently.

- Outdoor and indoor units use high-grade copper materials, completely new design to improve the efficiency of using the machine 20-30% better than the old generation

- Frame design, thick steel casing and bracket, electrostatic coating with new technology help the machine operate extremely smoothly with 60dB stability, stable and improve longevity of the machine compared to similar models. on the market

Standard: CCC

Product size: 480mm x 417mm x 978m

- Dimensions of packing: 535mm x 460mm x 1040mm

Product weight: 53 kg, Gross weight: 55kg

- Warranty: Compressor 3 years, whole machine 2 years

Japanese technology, genuine

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