Fuootech FT-6000C 变压器负载和空载损耗测试仪 (0-10A, 0-10V)

Environment condition

● Temperature: -5℃-40℃

● Relative humidity: <95% (at 25℃)

● Altitude: <2500m

● No vibration, no ultra-strong electromagnetic field

● Power input: AC220V± 10%, 45-55Hz.

Measurement range

● Internal source:

Current output: 0-10A

Voltage measurement: 0-10V

● Capacity test:

30kVA-2500kVA (for 10kV oil and dry transformers)

50kVA-31500kVA (for 35kV oil transformers)

50kVA-2500kVA (for 20kV dry transformers)

50kVA-2000kVA (for 35kV dry transformers)

● Measurement range of No-load and load tes t(need external voltage regulator, prepared by customer)

Voltage: 0-600V, automatic switching range.

Current: 0-100A, automatic switching range

Frequency: 45-65Hz.

Testing Accuracy

● Voltage: ±0.2%FS at 2-100V; ±0.2% at 100-600V

● Current: ±0.2%FS at 0.5-10A; ±0.2% at 10-100A

● Power: ±0.5% at cosφ>0.1; ±1.0% at 0.02<cosφ<0.1

Insulation strength

● Insulation resistance of Voltage and current input terminal to shell ≥100MOhm

● Withstand voltage between power supply and shell is 2kV RMS, 1mins.

● Dimension: 400*300*220mm

● Weight: 6kg. (accessories are not included.)

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